UMAH Speaks at Lights for Justice

On June 7th at Sean T. Connaughton Plaza in Woodbridge, Virginia Jamie Beletz, executive director of UMAH, spoke out at the #BLM “Lights for Justice” protesting the murder of George Floyd.


Unity March Against Hate

“So many people are clamoring for the route from Congregation Ner Shalom in Manassas to Charlottesville that I’m going to give them one.  We have so many people who want to make the 3-day journey over 90 miles.  Who knew?  Here is what we know so far,” said Jamie Beletz, an organizer for Unity March Against Hate.

Beginning @ 6 am August 9, 2020

Congregation Ner Shalom Parking Lot, 14010 Spriggs Road, Dale City, VA  22193

Head left out of parking lot, NW on Spriggs Road 1.7 miles

Turn left onto State Road 642 – Hoadly Road 2.2 miles

Turn left onto Dumfries Road 1.1 miles

Turn right onto Independent Hill Drive .3 miles

Turn left onto VA-619 E .4 miles

Turn right onto State Route 646 Aden Road 8.8 miles

Turn left onto Carriage Ford Road 1.1 miles

Turn right onto Warrenton Road 1.4 miles

Continue onto Dumfries Road 1.1 miles

Turn left onto VA-28S 1.1 miles

Slight left and continue onto VA-28S 4.3 miles

Slight left and continue onto VA-28S 4.4 miles

Slight right and continue onto VA-28S .2 mile

ARRIVE Bealeton Site – TBD @ 8 p.m., August 9, 2020 – 28.1 miles

DEPART Bealeton Site – TBD @ 6 am., August 10, 2020

Head SW on 28S toward US 17S 2.3 miles

Turn left onto US15S/US29S 14.7 miles

Take the Exit toward US15S .2 miles

Turn left onto US15S 17.1 miles

ARRIVE Orange Site – TBD @ 10 pm., August 10, 2020 – 34.3 miles

DEPART Orange Site – TBD @ 8 am., August 11, 2020

Turn left onto James Madison Highway 15S/29S .2 miles

Continue onto Highway 15S to Orange .2 miles

Turn right onto Highway 20 Constitution Highway 12.4 miles

Continue onto Highway 20 13.2 miles to Pen Park, Charlottesvile

ARRIVE Darden Towe Park, Charlottesville @ 10 pm., August 11, 2020 – 26 miles

DEPART Darden Towe Park, Charlottesville @ 9:30 am., August 12, 2020

Head on Highway 20S

Continue on Highway 20S until you reach 700 E Main Pavilion   3 miles


Walk, Run, Ride From Manassas To Charlottesville

More than 200 people and a dozen organizations have already signed on to travel part or all of the 90 mile route to the city of Charlottesville from Manassas.  The March will mark the anniversary of the events of August 2017 and bring the diverse communities of Virginia together.

The march will begin in the parking lot of Congregation Ner Shalom in Manassas on August 9th and will make 3 overnight stops until it reaches Charlottesville.  For more information, see or Unity March Against Hate on FB, call or text 202-876-6367 or email


Jamie Beletz asked Aeshah Sheikh to walk with him against hate.  Aeshah asked someone to walk with her against hate.  The word spread and soon there were 35 individuals, all from the Prince William County community, who agreed that they would walk, pedal a bike, ride or drive a car, ride on a bus from Prince William County to Charlottesville.

They started to speak to groups and asked that others walk with them.  They are traveling around the state: Charlottesville, Orange County, Culpepper, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Arlington, Fairfax, Loudon and others.  If you would like to hear more about the March or want to get more involved, please sign up on our page or invite us to a meeting of your group.


And you thought it couldn’t get any better!  UMAH now has t shirts available.  You can order online at!!!!


UMAH is seeking talented artists to submit artwork for the cover of their compilation album.  We are in the studio now and for the next few months putting together songs for peace and against hate.  The deadline for the cover art is May 1.


Traveling Among Like Minded People And Groups In Virginia

“We are traveling amongst like-minded people and groups across Virginia to get support for our Unity March Against Hate on August 9-12, 2020 from Manassas to Charlottesville (, said Jamie Beletz, Co-Chair of Unity March Against Hate.  “Support doesn’t have to come in the form of money. It means joining our march, it means sign making, it means word of mouth communications, it means a place to rest along the way, it means water.” 

So far, the march is being supported by businesses large and small, nonprofits, faith-based organizations, and individuals and organizations of both political parties.  From organizations like Prince William Equality to Unity in the Community, there is a groundswell of support for the 90 mile trek from Manassas to Charlottesville to mark the tragedy that occurred during this time three years ago. 

Beletz explains many times each day how he came to the conclusion that he needed to have the Unity March Against Hate.  I was working the polls this past November and heard people call other people the N word, insulting my Muslim brothers and sisters who were voting or who were on the ballot, and treating the disabled and elderly will great disrespect,” Beletz said emphatically. ” Over the past five decades, I’ve seen the racism. I have felt the hate. I’ve reached my limit. I’ve tried to put a stop to it by joining others. Now I’m asking people to join me.

“I have decided to do something about all of this negativity.  I am a disabled Navy veteran. I served honorably in SE Asia and Afghanistan. I will always feel the physical pain. I might always experience the trauma. I have received medals from the Navy, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of the Army and NATO. I am proud of my service to my country. All of this pride, all of my service, everything I have achieved, this will not matter if I fail to feel the pain of my convictions.” If you would like more information, please go to or call 202-876-6367.


Inclusion, not Exclusion! Unity not Division!

“Inclusion, not Exclusion! Unity not Division! We should not be building walls, we should be building bridges.  This is why I march,” said Aeshah Sheikh, Co-Chair of the Unity March Against Hate and Senior Vice Chair of Prince William County Democratic Committee.  

“I believe in giving back to my community in a meaningful and compassionate way and this is one way I can do it, not just talk about it,” said Sheikh. “The word Umah means community.”  Aeshah refers to the acronym for the Unity March Against Hate (UMAH).

For the last year, Sheikh has served as the campaign manager for Democratic Candidates Raheel Sheikh for Coles Supervisor and Lisa Zargarpur for Coles School Board Member.  She has been a coach, board member, director, fundraiser, campaign manager and volunteer.  She has worked hard volunteering on many local, state and federal campaigns, including many of the ones in the past two election cycles.  She has raised money for many organizations ranging from the American Red Cross, INova, Religious organizations, Several PWC Schools (Stonewall Jackson High School Raiders, Battlefield Bobcats, Signal Hill Pandas), Pakistani American Businesses Association, American Muslim institute, as well as many candidates in the Democratic Party.

The Unity March Against Hate is a walk from Manassas to Charlottesville which goes 90 miles in 3 days, from August 9-12, 2020.  People can walk, drive, bike or ride a bus the entire way or join anywhere along the route.  There will be three overnight stop along the way including one in Orange, Virginia.  For more information about the March, please go to or visit the Facebook Page.