Inclusion, not Exclusion! Unity not Division!

“Inclusion, not Exclusion! Unity not Division! We should not be building walls, we should be building bridges.  This is why I march,” said Aeshah Sheikh, Co-Chair of the Unity March Against Hate and Senior Vice Chair of Prince William County Democratic Committee.  

“I believe in giving back to my community in a meaningful and compassionate way and this is one way I can do it, not just talk about it,” said Sheikh. “The word Umah means community.”  Aeshah refers to the acronym for the Unity March Against Hate (UMAH).

For the last year, Sheikh has served as the campaign manager for Democratic Candidates Raheel Sheikh for Coles Supervisor and Lisa Zargarpur for Coles School Board Member.  She has been a coach, board member, director, fundraiser, campaign manager and volunteer.  She has worked hard volunteering on many local, state and federal campaigns, including many of the ones in the past two election cycles.  She has raised money for many organizations ranging from the American Red Cross, INova, Religious organizations, Several PWC Schools (Stonewall Jackson High School Raiders, Battlefield Bobcats, Signal Hill Pandas), Pakistani American Businesses Association, American Muslim institute, as well as many candidates in the Democratic Party.

The Unity March Against Hate is a walk from Manassas to Charlottesville which goes 90 miles in 3 days, from August 9-12, 2020.  People can walk, drive, bike or ride a bus the entire way or join anywhere along the route.  There will be three overnight stop along the way including one in Orange, Virginia.  For more information about the March, please go to or visit the Facebook Page.